How Food Became Therapy

I have spent many hours baking, just for the sake of baking. Nothing feels better than mixing butter, sugar, and eggs together. I’ve had my fair share of ups, downs, sideways-es, rabbit holes, and trap doors. Baking, though, has always been there for me to melt into. Methodical, somewhat precise, but always rewarding. My go-to […]

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Photo Edits Are Annoyingggg

But worth it. My spur of the moment project is this: Photo ornaments for Big G. We went to the Fabric-Store-Overrun-By-Mean-Blue-Haired-Ladies, and picked up this 3D Ornament Kit 50% off! Super cheap. I went off to pick up photos I had ordered for Big G anyway to see if I could turn them into ornaments…no […]

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Baskets and Coasters

Lately I’ve been helping my boyfriend, Big G, decorate and furnish his new apartment. If you know anything about being in school, you know that you rarely buy large items, like couches, beds and dressers, knowing what a pain it is to move. However, Big G is a crafty genius like his better half (har […]

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