Photo Edits Are Annoyingggg

But worth it.

My spur of the moment project is this:

Photo ornaments for Big G. We went to the Fabric-Store-Overrun-By-Mean-Blue-Haired-Ladies, and picked up this 3D Ornament Kit 50% off! Super cheap.

I went off to pick up photos I had ordered for Big G anyway to see if I could turn them into ornaments…no go. My prints were too big at 4″x6″. So I spent about an hour editing the photos using this software that crops photos into circles, among other things. I thought about adding some fancy schmancy candy cane border, but it looked dumb (sadly). It took me a bit, and the files saved as PNGs not JPEGs so I converted them in Paint. Side note: Paint is one of the most useful applications on Windows ever. EVER. example

Off to Walgreens they went to be printed. 🙂 Now we wait about an hour and a half for them to be ready. In the mean time I’m thinking about what else to add to these little ornaments. Big G will have a Roxy-Sized-Tree for his already packed apartment, so tiny ornaments will be simply charming (barf. I wrote simply charming, what am I? The Pioneer Woman?).

Obviously, the kit included the 3D Puffy paint. I’ll add some dates and hearts and cutesy phrases, but not too cutesy. We don’t want to be too ushy-gushy with our ornaments, am I right? I’ll add some plain paper to the back of the photo and make it look all festive. Literally, using the stuff I have around.

Anyway, here’s a quick project that has been fun, although photo editing is literally my least favorite chore in the world. Haha, I was kidding myself — “quick project”. The photos from Walgreens were supposed to be cut square but they weren’t, and they didn’t fit inside the ornaments I had so I had to head to Target to get bigger ornaments. Stuffing the photo rolls into the ornaments took forever, using tweezers and a chopstick. AND I ended up with a few that were upside down with no way of turning them right side up. I told Big G “It’s because you turn my world upside down”.

But, they look cute on the cute Roxy-sized Christmas tree.

All for now!



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