The Sophisticated Way to Eat Fruity Pebbles

Also known as, How to Make a Massive Mess of the product

I love the idea of Macarons. I also love Fruity Pebbles, they’re my favorite cereal of all time. ALL. TIME. So mix them together right? I saw it on Instagram by Macarons By Tiffany (seriously amazing Instagrammer). Here is the tale of the Fruity Pebble Macaron.

So I followed this recipe…to find that it was measured out in grams. Being a Mechanical Engineering student, I loathe the metric system. Many people believe scientists and engineers love the simplicity and beauty of the metric system. I am not one of those engineers. I am pro-English/ Imperial system, and will always be. I worked in the construction industry and helped my dad fix the cars, so I am addicted to feet, inches, pounds, etc. etc. My kitchen loves the Imperial system. Thankfully, my mom had this 900 year old scale that was annoying, but easy to use. It made me miss the ease of the chemistry lab, where I could use these scale and balances. But, I don’t think Big G would let me invest a few grand just to make Macarons.

Here comes the mess. Fruity pebble dust, almond flour and confectioner’s sugar all over the kitchen, in the Cuisinart and all over the Keurig. But it was manageable. I followed the rest of the finicky French recipe and prayed it would work out.

Umm…. it didn’t. The first macaron out of the oven stuck to the SILICON BAKING MAT. How does something stick to a baking mat?! The crumbly bits tasted ok, but kind of more like stale cereal blob than a sexy, elegant macaron. Whatever, let’s cool the dang things for a little bit longer and maybe it’ll work out?  Nope. Still stuck. Ok…bake it for a little bit longer? (as I type, I’m doing this…)

Blah, I hope this works out, the buttercream frosting is delicious, then again, when is it not delicious? (Side ramble: I hate frosting made with Crisco. It’s an abomination. It should be a crime against the culinary world. Try it. You’ll know what I’m talking about, it sticks to your mouth and smells like plastic.)

UPDATE: So I made a mock up macaron. It tastes good. I mean, that makes sense, it’s made of sugar and Fruity Pebbles. BUT IT’S SO DANG CHEWY. Is it supposed to be chewy, but crunchy? I asked google-it said “a little chewy”…ok… so I guess I did it sort of right, right?


My macarons are rocking the “Homemade chic”, sort of a failure. According to my dad, they taste good. I got a “Mmm” from him, so they must still be edible. In my book: A win. Hopefully Big G will eat them, otherwise I’ll left with the chore of eating all of them, dang.

My advice for “throw it together and hope it ends up okay” people like myself, maybe…skip this recipe. Almond flour is hella expensive and if you’re not a pastry chef, it’s going to be a pain to get it “perfect”.

Until next time.




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