Baskets and Coasters

Lately I’ve been helping my boyfriend, Big G, decorate and furnish his new apartment. If you know anything about being in school, you know that you rarely buy large items, like couches, beds and dressers, knowing what a pain it is to move. However, Big G is a crafty genius like his better half (har har har), and made his own coffee table. After setting up his new living room, he stared at his prized coffee table and said, “I need coasters”, and later, “I need a basket to put the smelly pinecones in; then it will smell like Christmas in here.” HINT-HINT, Rox.


Last winter, I lived in Fairbanks, AK and he came to visit me. On his visit we took a look at the UAF Museum of the North, and he saw the wonders of Yup’ik and Athabaskan grass baskets. Being Yup’ik, I prefer the looks of the Yup’ik grass baskets, but he preferred the square and rectangular Athabaskan baskets. So began the questions, “You’re Yup’ik, you know how to make those right?” Uhhhhmm, no. In elementary school, I learned how to carve Ivory soap, make wooden story knives, and sew fur onto head dresses. No grass baskets, strangely enough.

Square Basket in Progress

So I took to researching, “How to make grass baskets” on this beautiful blog, #blogenvy, We Are Scout. We went to the dreaded grumpy-old-lady fabric store, and stumbled upon some raffia, for a reasonable price, $2.49 / bunch. Sweet. So I followed the instructions on this site, and made a few coasters. I turned them out in a few episodes of Family Guy or South Park or whatever the show we were addicted to two weekends ago. I have to say, I didn’t completely screw them up. Thankfully, Big G and I are going for the whole, Rustic-Cabin-Chic-Modern look, so having “homemade looking” (read: shoddy and but endearing), works for us.

I have 3 more coasters to make, so we have an even 6, you know for all of

Finished Coasters

our parties (har-har again). I am also about halfway done with the square basket. I modified the We Are Scout basket plan, and hand sculpted the square base, and it turned out halfway decent *self five!* It’s kind of morphing into this weird square-vase thing, but again, “homemade looking” is entirely ok, and I’m pretty sure Big G won’t complain, because I made these baskets and coasters for under $15.
TADAHHHHHH!! There’s my first post. Hope you enjoyed it. I have a few more planned, including some crazy, Slap it together and hope it works cookies and Christmas Gifts!


Mkay. Byeeee!


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